Acne Free (Clear Skin) Diet: Breakfast

I am eating clean to clear my acne. I am avoiding dairy, soy, and gluten. I am avoiding all grains for that matter. I am getting my carbs from fruits and vegetables but mainly vegetables. I am eating lots of healthy fats like olive oil, walnut oil, cod liver oil, organic real butter, whole organic eggs, almonds, walnuts, & flax seeds. I am eating lean proteins like white turkey meat, white meat chicken breast, and fatty fish, like salmon. I am also eating beans and peas sometimes. Those also account for carbs. I am not using any topical creams specifically designated for acne at this time. I am not against them but at the moment I am concentrating on diet alone. Later on, I will add in a topical treatment just to polish off my skin. I believe diet has much to do with acne as many people have food intolerance’s that purge through their skin and cause inflammation throughout their bodies. I also believe in not making yourself miserable over your diet and giving yourself some room to breathe. Make sure you eat foods you enjoy. If not, you will be less likely to stick to any diet. You may be able to do it for a short while, but since you are miserable you will have a tendency to binge and eat something totally off your diet like processed, sugary packaged cookies or brownies for example. Find healthy alternatives for the foods you love. Make vegan brownies with real cocoa powder and sweeten with agave or honey and add some healthy flaxseeds in them too (just an example

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25 Responses to “Acne Free (Clear Skin) Diet: Breakfast”

  • Thank u for sharing :)

  • I’m sorry but it won’t work, you need to pass flaxseed in coffee mill or a mixer.
    Bacon has never been acne free at all.
    There are many demos on youtube for ‘budwig’ cream preparation
    You can replace olive oil by flaxseed oil.

  • It’s turkey bacon and it’s organic and preservative free. Olive oil is great for acne. Why would I change to flaxseed oil? To be honest, as of now, what I am doing seems to be working quite well. My dry skin has improved and my acne is slowly subsiding. I believe your method probably is good too, but it is not the only way to clear acne and improve health.

  • There are definitely plenty of acne clearing diets out there and it is just best to do the one that works for and that you enjoy. If you do not enjoy your diet than you will be way less likely to stick to it. There is no reason for you to say it won’t work. You can’t know that it won’t work for me or anyone else just because it has not worked for you, for example. I appreciate your input and advice but I am happy with my diet so far.

  • Although the diet has yet to make me 100% clear, I feel great which is the most important thing. Like you said, stress causes acne too. So, if eating this way makes me happy and reduces my stress then it will also reduce my acne. I am not using any topical acne treatments so 1 pimple here and there is understandable, especially before my period.

  • By the way, you never posted a comment on my lunch video. LOL. What do you think about my typical lunch?

  • I had to cut all eggs of any kind even the ones at my inlaws house and oats. I used to eat oatmeal and egss for the longest time, even though it helped my body stay fit and trim it messed up my face :( I cut so much stuff its ridiculous that some overweight people at mcdonalds have A++ skin.. grrr damn hormones and what not..
    great videos! im also from SF… love working out at home and deal with break outs…

  • That sucks that eggs and oats messed up your face. I find them to be really beneficial for me personally. Dairy on the other hand, it messes me up (except yogurt and kefir for some reason). I know what you mean. I see people all the time with not even one pore on their skin and they eat junk all day long. It’s frustrating. Although it sucks to have acne, we have to think positive. The fact that we have acne has forced us to eat better which is better for our overall health.

  • I thought it was bacon (fat), not turkey bacon. Excuse me for my french ;-) In the youtube demos I mentioned upper they’re using flaxseed oil. I made a mistake I should have written ‘You can replace flaxseed oil by olive oil’ but sorry I inverted. Nevertheless, I still think it is not enough. Did you do cardiothese days?
    Seeya later if your skin has improved

  • Ugh it’s so hard for me to eat breakfast in the morning, so sometimes I just skip it and it’s bad(

  • I used to be the same way but I forced myself to change. Eating a healthy breakfast really sets the stage for the whole day. If I eat healthy, I am less likely to binge eat on some unhealthy foods at school or something. You can always prep all your food a few days in advance and keep it in the fridge. I do that with my oatmeal and fruit. I cut up an entire cantaloupe and make a bunch of oatmeal and put it Tupperware in my fridge, so it is not so time consuming every morning.

  • That looks great but I doubt the turkey bacon is so helpful.

  • It’s okay to skip an early breakfast. Drink lots of pure water instead. Just eat a late healthy breakfast. Skip the turkey bacon.

  • isnt oatmeal considered as a grain

  • rolled oats are grains sweety

  • Another note about flax seed is the omega 3′s are highly perishable and once the seed is opened it oxidates so once grounded it will perish very quickly I guarantee your flax seed oil is rancid which means it will be much more toxic than healthy.

  • That sucks.

  • Plus flax seeds have phyto estrogens in them that can throw off a man and woman’s hormone’s out of control. Chia Seeds are by far the best option for omega 3′s and protein because they last very long and the omega 3′s are heat resistant which is unlike most products. Good luck and always do your research before promoting anything.

  • Oats have gluten too (during processing). Get some gluten free oats instead.

  • That sounds like a heavy breakfast. I get full with just oatmeal.

  • I weight train and do cardio often so I need the fuel.

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  • Yes, it is.

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